Skull and Shackles

Water tunnels and a Dragonbomb

The next morning, the party went down to the coast, and attempted to enter the grindylow caverns, but were immediately beset by stirges.


Some hugged the walls, others walked underwater with potions of waterbreathing. As they moved through the tunnels they battled numerous grindylows, interrogating several about Sandara, executing them when they were no longer useful.

At one point some ghouls attacked Valignat when he attempted to remove an underwater grate and were slain by Harghast.


The party was stopped by a room full of disgusting inky blackness. When the cloud cleared, a devilfish was seen inside.


Harghast and Valignat charged, Zan and the orcs opening fire from range. Injured, the devilfish attempted to swim away, but the dragon doggedly attached to it’s face finished it off.

Eventually they found the leader of the grindylows, the Brineblood queen and her bloated son, surrounded by grindylows.



Sandara and Rosie were tied to the ceiling, and when she spotted the party the Brineblood Queen shouted “Time to eat!” and dropped them into the water.

Phineas fired blast after blast of magic, and Dovahkiin assisted as well as he could, being mostly out of spells.

Zan flew around the room, saving Sandara and Rosie’s lives with an impressively deft acrobatic flying move.

Harghast aided, but was brought down by ghouls chained to the bottom of the pool. Dovahkiin moved in and rescued him.

Valignat killed the fat grindylow, bringing a shout of grief from the Brineblood Queen, at which the dragon mockingly laughed.

The queen and her pet octopus moved in on the cruel serpent and the octopus was killed while the Queen was wounded.

The Queen and her minions jetted away, and Phineas nearly brought her down with a well-placed dagger.

Immensely grateful for the rescue, Sandara gave Zan her hat, which could turn into a magic boat. She also shared that Plugg intended to betray and kill the party as soon as they returned to the ship.

The party rested and healed for a time at the stockade, and finished looting the now empty grindylow caves. They also visited the shipwreck, driving off a giant eel and looting the ruined vessel.

Faced with Pluggs planned betrayal, the party came up with a plan to attack the Man’s promise once darkness flowed over the island.


The original boat the party went to the island on approached from the front, laden with dummies and supplies and pushed by summoned creatures as a distraction.

The actual party however, crept up behind in Sandara’s magic hat/boat.

Zan carried Valignat with him into the air as the pirates moved to the other side of the ship to ambush the dummy boat.

Plugg was alone, and Zan began the attack by dropping the ‘dragonbomb’ directly on Plugg’s shoulders. Plugg was knocked to the ground, his doom literally upon him.

Speaking in common for the first time, Val looked down through cruel eyes on Mr. Plugg and whispered. “Hello Plugg”


As Plugg was torn apart, Zan swooped in and knocked the pirate in the crows nest to his death on the deck and began sniping. He even got some arrows into Plugg’s bald head before the dragon finished him.

The rest of the party climbed aboard. Sandara and Rosie entering the fray as Harghast and Phineas turned the ships own ballistas against the crew.

As the fight began, Owlbear knocked Krine overboard, and her cursing was finally ended by the sharks. A satisfied grin spread across Owlbear’s face. Kroop also moved, throwing daggers in an attempt to aid the party, and was wounded for his trouble.

Dovahkiin magically rendered some pirates and Scourge unconscious, Harghast executed Scourge.

Zan demanded the survivors lay down their weapons. The pirates surrendered and the battle was won.


A comically dressed gnome pirate crept up from below decks, approaching the party with daggers drawn, but was spotted by the strix, hitting the deck with an arrow through each of his eyes.

The Man’s Promise was now the party’s. They now owned their own 10,000gp ship, and the new captains made their plans for the future. What will the future hold?



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