Skull and Shackles

There is always a bigger fish


The party returned to their island to recover. They bypassed the sea serpent by using summoned creatures. Harghast and Zon were busy, so the group took Harghast’s highest level cleric to use the Cure Light Wounds wand for them and Valignat purchased fifty healing potions. The party also bought a pair of cows for the sea serpent.

The party then returned to Harrigan’s fortress and planned on how to infiltrate it. The group decided to try the tunnel again. When the sea serpent emerged for its cow, Dovahkiin charmed it and told it with his Feral Speech power to go kill the sea anemone. The sea serpent complied and began swimming to the tunnel entrance. Dovahkiin bolstered the sea serpent’s abilities with spells of Heroism, Displacement, Invisibility, and Mirror Image.

The serpent charged in and ambushed the anemone. The serpent bit down and began to wrap around its opponent. The anemone tried in vain to hit back before using a jet of water to blast away the serpent. The serpent quickly recovered and struggled to find purchase with its snapping jaws. The anemone struck repeatedly and was prevented from landing a single hit by the defenses Dovahkiin had set up.

Valignat enjoyed the epic giant monster show as Dovahkiin and Gork helped the serpent with arrows and lightning. Somehow, the anemone made its reflex save against the lightning bolt. However, the anemones surprising agility couldn’t save though. The serpent coiled around and finished the intense battle with a final devastating bite. The serpent detached and swam away from its brutal beating of a colossal monster to return to patrolling the island.


The party finished cheering it on and entered the tunnel. The seas were much calmer inside and it wasn’t difficult to swim. Eventually the party found a large chamber. Inside was an unaware sea scorpion resting near a flickering beam of light from a small hole in the ceiling. Gork charged and hit it hard. Long barbs were meant to defend against a melee attack, but they broke on Gork’s thick skin. The scorpion tried to defend itself and was finished off by Valignat. Dovahkiin had turned invisible and heard strange faint chanting. Dovahkiin flew up and looked through the hole. He saw a pair of Norgorberite cultists in a temple of Norgorber. They had heard the scorpion battle and were preparing with spells.

Gork flew up with the power of rage and looked for his suddenly vanished opponents. They appeared around him and began poking the barbarian in an effort to bestow curses. It seemed that two more had joined the battle.

Gork leaped and destroyed the newcomers, who were illusions. Dovahkiin carried Human Valignat up and the dragon transformed back. Gork leapt in the air and struck down a cultist. The survivor tried channeling negative energy just before being torn apart. Gork stepped towards a door as Valignat smelled enemies to the right and left.Dovahkiin turned into a dragon as Gork and Val began swinging randomly for the two enemies before they landed confusion spells on Val and Gork. Gork began his random actions by killing the cultist who cast the spell. Dovahkiin summoned a huge fire elemental to try and prevent Gork and Val from attacking each other after Val tried to bite him.

The fire elemental fought well against the surviving cultist until Val finished it off. Dovahkiin retreated since he was out of spells. Gork then attacked Val twice and nearly killed him. The dragon became confused and killed the elemental as well. Gork came close to killing Val but the confusion wore off. The party decided to retreat, but not before grabbing some valuables.

The group healed in the pit below the room. Someone came out into the upper room of the temple and searched for the party. Following the trail of blood, they shot a Flame Strike down the hole and wounded the party. The party retreated back to the ship and healed.

The party decided for the third attack that the tunnel would be too predicable.This time they would climb over the walls of the castle. Bringing along the old magic grappling hook, they went to go have fun storming the castle.

After scaling the thirty foot cliffs, the party approached. Gork threw the Steadfast Grapple as Val made a short flight to the top of the wall. Flying was difficult due to powerful winds. Dovahkiin couldn’t fly at all and even Valignat had serious trouble. The dragon blasted the nearest ballista crew and they surprisingly survived.

Dovahkiin made it to the top and began casting. Dovahkiin was still near empty for spells making it difficult for him to fight. Gork made it almost all the way up. One of Harrigan’s guards tried charging in as the others fired. Dovahkiin shoved a man off the wall to be injured thirty feet below. Gork made it over the wall just as four scrags showed up. Scrags are an aquatic version of trolls that only regenerate in the water.


Gork took off the hook and Valignat breathed fire down on them. The scrags somehow failed to scale the wall and began making their way back inside the castle and up the stairs. Gork began circling the wall, leaping around and wiping out all the ballista crews despite their futile efforts to stop him with mere gigantic bolts.

Two more guards joined the battle against Valignat and Dovahkiin. Suddenly, a tengu named Jakaw Razorbeak snuck up out of nowhere and leapt on Valignat’s back. Valignat bit him as he arrived and Jakaw began cutting. Valignat roared flames back at him and Jakaw decided to retreat. Jakaw leapt away, the dragon’s jaws almost closing on his leg, before he leapt over to the ceiling of the Nogorberite temple and slid out of sight.

Valignat pursued furiously but the tengu had disappeared. Meanwhile, Dovahkiin battled the two smugglers with Scorching Rays. Dovahkiin was badly hurt in the battle, but only because he was low on spells. The dragon returned and killed a smuggler while wounding the other. Dovahkiin climbed onto Valignat’s saddle and began drinking healing potions as the scrags shoved and pushed their way into the battle. The scrags did well enough, but were gradually overwhelmed and taken down by the dragon. Dovahkiin used his last Scorching Ray. The wizard noted that the human guards seemed to be Chelish and could see a probable charm spell on the scrags. Only one troll survived to flee into the nearby ocean most likely to regenerate.

Gork bounded across the fragile roof of the scrag pen and struck down the crew of the last ballista. The party was tired and decided to rest on the Nightmare. Before leaving the castle, the party took loot and Valignat burned away the ballistae. The party also gathered the fallen trolls in order to regenerate them and hopefully gain new allies.



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