Skull and Shackles

The Burning of the Village of Cleve Land


Phineas, Sandara, and Owlbear went to sell off the Dowager Queen, and the holes in the team’s roster were filled by one of the rescued slaves, a half-orc berserker by the name of Gork.


Going off the information they had taken from the Chelish ship, the party set out to destroy the slaver village of Cleve Land. The party followed Ambrose’s advice, and attacked at night. Zan silently flew to shore, and scouted out the village, and seemed to spot a familiar face.

One of the slavers looked almost exactly like Mr. Plugg. Almost.


Flying back to the ship, Zan reported in, and a battle plan was made.

On the shore, Valignat swept into town, roaring and blasting a building with fire. As the slavers sounded the alarm, Zan began sniping from where he had re-hidden in the trees.

The dragon swooped away to the eastern half of the village, and the rest of the party stormed in from the west. A huge melee began between the party against most of the slavers and ‘new’ Plugg.

Many fell to Gork’s brutal axe. He had proven to be a mighty addition to the terrifying crew of the Nightmare.


Meanwhile, near the slave pen, the dragon battled a squad of supremely unlucky pirates—and their little dogs too!

The party got the upper hand, and New Plugg fled into the forest, pursued by Dovahkiin. Eventually, Dovahkiin quit chasing him after tossing a parting rock. Meanwhile, the party finished up in town, and Zan chased down New Plugg.

The strix’s nightvision and flight quickly overtook the slaver captain, who surrendered. Zan accepted, and promptly put an arrow through his eye.

The dragon killed or drove off all his opponents and then got their little dogs too.

The freed slaves invaded the town, reuniting and trashing the place of their oppression. The dragon went off into the forest to inspect “Mr. Pluggs” corpse and see if his hated enemy had really returned, finding it was likely a close relative. In the slave pen, Dovahkiin tried to comfort a pale-skinned little girl among the captives.


He picked her up and she responded by trying to eat his brain. As Dovahkiin dealt with his intelligence being drained away and his mind flooded with thousands of images and memories, Zan, Harghast, and Gork arrived. They struggled with the memory child as it taunted them in their minds. Burying his conscience, Harghast struck down the memory child.

Cleve Land was looted and razed to the ground, and the party set out again for Senghor.

As they traveled, the group came across a strange abandoned fishing trawler, listing gently in the sea. Carefully approaching, Zan and Valignat flew around, spotting signs of battle that had been hastily cleaned up.

Returning to the Nightmare, Zan and Val took Gork and Harghast with them, and went below decks to search for what had caused the disaster. In the lower decks, Val smelled something alive. The group moved in on the door, and threw it open. Inside were a pack of sahaugin, lying in wait.


The team fell upon the fish-men, promptly pulverizing the pugnacious piscine plunderers. Afterwards, the group decided to slaughter all the sharks around the ship, for some reason. Gork and Harghast even jumped in with the creatures. AS the last shark faded into the depths of the water a ghostly ‘DING’ echoed faintly across the water as all party members felt strangely stronger.

The party repaired the wrecked vessel and towed it back with them for sale.

Arriving at Senghor, the group reunited with Sandara and Owlbear, Phineas having decided to remain at port having grown fond of it. Gork was more than happy to join the pirates as he always wanted to travel the high seas. The party spent the next few days resupplying and selling plunder.

Harghast decided to get a new suit of armor. He was a bit short of funds, but Valignat chuckled at the grim apparel he had chosen and helped pay for it.


Dovahkiin asked to use his new discovery of speaking to animals to talk to Ambrose’s chicken, Bezebel, but was rebuffed. Dovahkiin had grown suspicious of the bird, and later quietly attempted to detect magic on the bird, seeing strong traces of magic.

Later, Ambrose identified a Deep Platnium necklace the party had found with the sahaugin, revealing it to be very valuable. The item was promptly sold.

The party set out for Tidewater rock again, and Dovahkiin attempted unsuccessfully to use magic to force the chicken to reveal itself. Ambrose leaned over to listen carfefully to his chicken. He then strode stoically across the deck and punched out Dovakhiin’s dog.

On the way, they came across a Rahadoumi ship, the Sanbalot, and began to chase it down. It took a long time, but eventually Dovahkiin out-piloted them, and the Nightmare moved in.

As the ships closed, a manticore took off from the Sanbalot.


Valignat launched into the air at it, and after a exchange of dragonfire and quills, the two monsters clashed together in an aerial battle, leading to the manticores death at the dragons hand.

Zan shot the captain of the Sanbalot, wounding him and ending the chase. The Rahadoumi ship quickly surrendered, and was looted before being sent with Owlbear and Sandara to be sold.

Later, a plume of smoke was spotted off in the distance, and the Nightmare moved to investigate. On approach, the situation was seen to be that of the Chelish ship Famished Mare having attacked and captured a pirate brig ship, the crew being lead below the flaming deck to be burned alive.

The party moved to the rescue, their battering ram crunching into the Mare. Zan rained down arrows, and Valignat leapt aboard, the dragon deciding to amuse himself by going out of his way trying not to kill his opponents. Harghast and Gork jumped onto the other ship, but failed to stick the landing, and were surrounded by Chelish marines and sailors.

The enemy ballistae crews targeted Pilot Dovahkiin, their bolts all but riveting him to the hull, forcing him to retreat below deck, where he got into a heated argument with the chicken on the way. “Bock Bock bock!” “No bock you, you bocker!”

Harghast was nearly killed by the marines, and Valignat resorted to trying to burn the oread’s attackers away, lighting the Chelish ship on fire in the process.

The battle turned in the party’s favor, but the remaining marines refused to surrender, leading to their near-total slaughter at the groups’ hands (and claws). Harghast and Gork rose and all that was left to fight was the overconfident civilians manning the ballistae.

Moments later, the battle was over, and the fire was put out before it caused too much damage.

The pirates were grateful, and the loot was divided up as the party decided what to do next.



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