Skull and Shackles

Finally, Mancatcher Cove!


The party left Tidewater and returned to Singhore to sell their loot and surplus ships. Following some brief shore leave and replenishment of supplies the party decided to follow the treasure map from Isabella’s map tattoo which promised to lead them to Mancatcher Cove.

As they left, the Deathknell and its ringing bell made its characteristic second appearance, and then later moved in for the third and final time. The party didn’t try to run and the two ships clashed head on again. The zombies and the party met at the bow, where the majority of the zombies were killed by Zan and Harghast.

As the dragon attempted to strike from the air, Whalebone harpooned Gork, and dragged the berserker across the deck as he struck down zombies. The wisdom of this plan was questionable. As the battle raged, Dovahkiin snuck a Detect Charm on Kroop and found that as far as the spell could tell the chicken wasn’t controlling him.


As Gork reached the captain, Zan killed Whalebone again. This time, the party destroyed the bell, forever ending the menace of the Deathknell.


Up in the air, just as the bell was destroyed, Valignat detected a strong smell of fish as a large dragon blindsided him.


Valignat’s magic gem flashed and blinded the other dragon and a new battle began.

The reason for the attack was the Brineblood Queen of the grindylows from Bonewrack Island, who had survived the battle in the caves many weeks earlier, mourning the loss of her son, had gone and pledged her service to a brine dragon in return for the parties death.


Back in the present, Valignat repeatedly made guerrilla strikes against the blind brine dragon, and was badly injured by its teeth, claws and acid spray.

Meanwhile, In the hall of justice, Dovahkiin’s dog was dragged overboard by the Queen, who had crept up the side of the ship with her pet octopus, who bit Dovahkiin and grappled him. A shark swam up, swallowed the dog whole, and was preparing to swim away, but then Gork jumped in and killed the shark, hurling it’s corpse up onto the deck, where the dog was soon freed—to the detriment of everyone else. Gork then finished off the Brineblood queen as well in an abrupt battle.

Eventually, the blinded dragon flew down to the Nightmare’s deck, where it flailed about killing sailors. Dovahkiin tried to get into the battle, but the thrashing octopus attached to him knocked him off the deck. Harghast made it down the stairs and ran the brine dragon through, ending the battle.


Dovahkiin was pulled from the water, the octopus quickly finished off, and the loot was divided up, including the brine dragons hide, to be made into armor at a later date.

Later, as the Nightmare sailed on, Zan spotted a strange human walking around on deck. The alarm was sounded, and the party and crew ran out to question the stranger at sword point. After a brief, tense exchange, Zan decided to simply kill the intruder, it being human and all, but befoee he could loose his arrows the human morphed back into Valignat who had gained the ability to assume humanoid form and was trolling the group. Afterward, the party sailed into Mancatcher Cove in the late afternoon.

The party attempted to solve the riddle that had come with the map, and entered the cove as the sun went down.

Up in the crows nest, Zan somehow heard noises under the ship. Strix hearing, I suppose.

He told the party and carefully scouted it out invisibly finding sauhaugin shark cavalry trying to sabotage the rudder.


Although Harghast stayed above due to his heavy armor, the party went below and killed the saboteurs. Notably, a good chunk of the squad was killed by Dovahkiin in a blast of steam from a submerged fireball spell. Afterward, the party decided to scout out the endless abyss under the cove, where Zan’s incredible vision spotted hidden caves.

The party took potions of water breathing and went down to one of the entrances, but not before Dovahkiin specifically ordered his dog to hide under the bed and Harghast was tied to the dragon for safety. It was blocked by a curtain of jellyfish. With a careful search a conch shell was found mounted nearby.

The party blew the horn, and a cloud of ink rolled out. The team was hesitant, but the cloud began to fade as the jellyfish rolled back in, so they quickly swam through. On the other side was a tojandia.


The party surrounded and killed the strange creature, and moved on into the tunnels, having entered ass backwards and avoided having to solve the riddle or avoid traps, although Dovahkiin had identified most of the clues.

The tunnels were inhabited by numerous sauhaugin, and probably was the source of all the fish-men that had been attacking the party. The party fought through a shark corral, where sharks were eating a dead locathah, a relatively peaceful aquan.


In the next hall, Zan, who was carrying a deep platinum necklace harvested from the sauhaugin raiders weeks earlier was drawn to a hidden chamber. Inside was a corpse, hanging in an anchors chains.


The party carefully looked around, and when they drew too close, he attacked. It was badly damaged right away by Zan, but paralyzed Harghast with magical fear and disgustingly grabbed his face, locked lips, and vomited mud, filth, and gall down his throat just before Valignat took him down for good—or did he?

Harghast hacked and coughed for a bit, another deep platinum necklace was taken from the undead mariner, and the team moved on to a room filled with seaweed. A sauhaugin was seen sleeping, wrapped in the plants. Further down, the hallway past the room was also blocked by seaweed.

Zan tried to kill it in its sleep, but the distant clatter of a clumsy one being rolled woke the sauhaugin who quickly swam off into the kelp forest. The party pulled back and waited to stand against the attack.

After it didn’t immediately come, Valignat slashed open the hallway curtain revealing a large squad of sauhaugin. They and the other sauhaugin hiding in the kelp took this as the moment to attack, and a small army of fishmen descended on the group. Gork and Dovahkiin moved in on their half, and Valignat dragged Harghast down the hall after the rest as Zan fired arrows. The party was victorious and moved on.

In the next room was a large chamber, with several options for going forward, consisting of three seaweed doors and two tunnels. Behind door number one they found the Matron and her guards.


As the battle commenced, Dovahkiin threw a spell at the ground in front of the sauhaugin, and called out in Aquan “Telegram!” Most would know better, but a few of the guards glanced down and read the message.


The magical trap exploded, and several sauhaugin were killed. The fight ended, and behind door number 2 were countless sauhaugin eggs and babies. The group spared them, although Zan was against it.

Behind door number 3 were the weak, old, and young sauhaugin. The party questioned them, and they said that down one tunnel was their boss, and the room where a humanoid used to live, and down the other way the locathah slaves and eggs were being grown. As they talked, Dovahkiin suddenly stabbed a young innocent sauhaugin, much to the annoyance of the rest of the group, particularly Harghast. Panic insued and the fish people frantically swarmed out. With a collective sigh the group moved on.

They started with the slave tunnel, which was guarded by a single quickly dispatched shark. Inside the party found pink floating locathah eggs and the locathah matriarch.


Harghast healed her injuries and the matriarch gathered up her eggs and rushed away to return to her people.

Having cleared everything else, the party headed down the boss’s tunnel. They found a giant rock crab, but it didn’t attack them, so they just left it there.

(Here’s the minifig you never got to see.)

After further exploration, they found the underside of the original treasure room the clues lead to, which had been looted by the sauhaugin.

Next up was a dry room full of plants and furniture, raised up from the sunken caves. When the party entered, all but Harghast and Valignat fell unconscious. The plants rose up, and attempted to eat the fallen pirates.


Still angry about the needless murder earlier, Harghast woke Dovahkiin by cleaving through a plant and hitting the half-orc with his sword’s hilt. The plants were easily dispatched and the party investigated the room.

It had belonged to Isabella, who, according to the journal recovered in her quarter’s here, had lived a hard life. She had been born to a normal life, and had just discovered her talents as a sorcerer when she was captured at a young age by the sadistically cruel Tian pirate Soshimira and raised as a slave. Soshimira met his end when he tried to find the treasure of Mancatcher Cove, and was killed by the sauhaugin.

(His pickled head was found in a nearby jar.) Isabella had survived through magically charming the sauhaugin chief, and she lived among them growing more and more cruel. Eventually, she got the chief to give her a ship of her own. Finally, her death came at the party’s hands when she attacked them at Tidewater to avenge the chief’s son (who was one of the sauhaugin on the lost whaler) and recover his deep platinum necklace.

After another lone shark was smacked down the party entered the throne room. In a massive throne sat Chief Krelloort, with four female sauhaugin.


The chief cried out “You killed my boy!” and charged. He soon fell under Gork’s axe, and his guards quickly followed. The party looted the room, (Dovahkiin ‘Leroy Jenkins’ having some trouble with traps) and found the ample treasure trove of Mancatcher Cove!

The moon hung over the sky as the party returned to the Nightmare, and when they arrived no one was on deck and a ponderous cliffhanger awaited them!



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