Sirocco Cannon


Aura moderate evocation; CL 1oth
Slot none; Price 184,500 gp

This +1 shocking burst cannon (Ultimate Combat 162) is mounted on a brass carriage decorated with carvings of winds and storms. Three times per day, a sirocco cannon can be commanded to create a special type of ammunition.

This ammunition functions as a normal cannonball, but on a successful hit, a gust of furnace-hot wind blasts downward in a 20-foot-radius, 6o-foot-high cylinder around the target or target square for 10 rounds. This hot wind deals 4d6+1o points of fire damage to all creatures in the area and knocks them prone.

A successful DC 19 Fortitude save halves the fire damage and avoids being knocked prone. Flying creatures forced into the ground by the powerful downdraft take damage as if they fell unless they make a DC 15 Fly check, in which case they remain at their original altitude. Any creature that takes damage from the hot air becomes fatigued (or exhausted, if already fatigued, such as from a previous round of exposure). Creatures with the water subtype take a -4 penalty on all saving throws against this effect and take double normal damage.

This special ammunition deals no additional damage to ships or structures.

Requirements Craft Magic Arms and Armor, call lightning or
lightning bolt, sirocco (Advanced Player’s Guide 244); Cost
95,400 gp


Sirocco Cannon

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