Skull and Shackles

Nightmare vs Wormwood

Nightmare vs Wormwood


Harghast and Zon left to rescue survivors from the battle as the Nightmare sailed up alongside the damaged Wormwood. The ship’s weapons barraged each other and both sides lost three crew. The party saw a monkeyman pyromaniac named Powderpot and the cousin of Riaris Krine, Roaris. Captain Harrigan himself was nowhere to be seen.


Gork was first into the fray, leaping out at Krine’s cousin and the monkey. Powderpot was killed in Gork’s first attack. A halfling woman named Patch Patchsalt jumped on the ballistae while invisible and tried to make the sneak attack of her life against Gork. It wounded him, but he uncannily dodged. A woman named Adelita appeared on the Wormwood and blasted Dovahkiin with a fireball, wounding him and killing twelve of the Nightmare’s crew.


Valignat swooped down on the Wormwood in a blast of fire that instantly killed seventeen people, which was almost everyone on the rear half of the ship. The dragon then landed on the deck next to a single surviving crewman. The terrified sailor was swiftly devoured. Dovahkiin blasted the other side of the ship with a fireball, killing eight more of the Wormwood’s crew. Three officers rushed Gork. One tripped on the stairs and knocked himself out while the other two knocked a lower ranking pirate into the sea to engage Gork. Gork retaliated and slew all his opponents in a torrent of chomps and chops, including Krine’s cousin.

All that was left was Adelita and Patch at the back of the poop deck and two Wormwood crew remaining in the crow’s nest.

Dovahkiin’s dog flew out and breathed a line of acid at the two officers. Patch tried to make a last stand by stabbing at Meeko as Adelita fired away with chain lightning and scorching rays. Just before being killed by Gork, Adelita used a prismatic spray that killed Meeko and drove the dragon more insane. Patch made one last effort at glory by attacking the insane dragon for a small amount of damage. Valignat briefly gained enough focus to instantly reduce her to -97 hitpoints.

The Nightmare’s crew quickly went below decks as Valignat had an insanity-fueled rampage around the upper decks, leading to the horrible deaths of the people in the Wormwood crow’s nest. Eventually Valignat briefly gained enough clarity to return to the Nightmare and turn human in order to be tied up. The party was considering how to cure Val when the Chicken approached. It tapped him and cured the affliction. Valignat easily escaped the ropes by transforming back to his natural form and thanked the Chicken. Dovahkiin brought his dead dog and politely asked for the Chicken to fix his dog again. It complied. If chickens could smirk, it would have. With a wink, it walked away.

The Nightmare claimed the Wormwood. The party looted the oceanic battlefield and found that Captain Harrigan had been absent during the battle. The party decided to use the information gathered from Scag’s journal to go after Harrigan in his fortress. On the way, Dovahkiin magically constructed a set of masterwork mithril cooking tools for Kroop as an apology. Kroop forgave Dovahkiin but still kept him at arms length. Dovahkiin also permanently turned his eyes glowing blue with an Arcane Sight spell. The party stopped by their island and met a hurried arbiter inevitable. It quickly dropped off a package and left. The package contained a scroll that would summon Lakorian-Kriss once. The journal said that the approach to Harrigan’s base was guarded by a charmed sea serpent.


It also said that the serpent was trained not to attack ships that rang a gong and fed it a large animal so the party bought and used a cow for this purpose.

Harrigan’s fort was located on a jungle island with ragged 30ft cliffs and a small beach with no pier. Stone stairs led the way to a castle with a drawbridge. On the Nightmare’s approach, the already rough sea was reinforced with a sudden near hurricane level storm.

The journal said Harrigan lived on the third floor, but that an attack from above would be foolhardy as it would allow Harrigan’s minions to reinforce him if necessary. The party followed the journal’s advice to go in through a secret escape tunnel and clear the fort from the bottom up. The tunnel was flooded at high tide and open at low. The party waited for nightfall and Dovahkiin cast Water Breathing on everyone.

The party spotted the tunnel entrance and approached. Suddenly, a hidden colossal sea anemone attacked.


It immediately afflicted the whole trio of a dragon and two half-orcs with a debilitating poison before grabbing and swallowing Gork. Time seemed to slow as Dovahkiin had to make a decision. Valignat urged him to teleport back to the ship, which would save Dovahkiin, his dog and Valignat but leave Gork to die. On the other hand, it didn’t seem like anything they had could stop the monster before the poison left them all easy prey. Feeling deeply regretful, Dovahkiin began casting the spell. The anemones tentacles snaked in to strike Dovahkiin but little Meeko, without dragonform, fended off the monster enough to allow the spell to go off.

The others warped away to the Nightmare and Gork was left alone in the belly of the beast. Unable to use his axe, Gork began biting and clawing and tore the anemone open from the inside. Back on the Nightmare, Dovahkiin used the last of his strength to sound the Horn of the Triton. That summoned an advanced shark. It swooped in heroically and sacrificed itself to give Gork, slayer of many sharks, a much-needed opening to escape the anemone.


Gork swam back to the ship and leaped aboard. He declared “You left me!” before collapsing. The Chicken came out and restored everyone to fighting condition. The chicken pooped on Dovahkiin’s hand and winked at him as he recovered. Lightning flashed around the castle as the party reconsidered their plans.



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